Revell Cylon Raider continued

Well, I got down to soldering the LED’s. It’s been more then  15 years ago that I last used a soldering iron… it’s not that easy. Anyway, I’ve got everything in place and working perfectly….I’m happy 🙂

After I was sure everything would fit in there (not much of a problem considering the size of this thing, I started to wall in the LED’s. As this is a very old kit with a lot of  seams, cracks and other lightbleeders I decided to add some sheets of plastic and sprayed the inside black.

Once this was done it was time to close her up and start filling the gaps. I often wonder why some kits don’t fit like they should.

And a back view with the LED’s lit. As you can see I decided to got for two per engine. Once the nozzle vanes are in place they will be almost invisible :

Next will be the fun part, painting.


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