1/20-ish Viper MkVII : inbox review

I promised a few days ago I’ll be posting an inbox review of this beauty.

I’m not going into detail about the design, ’cause you can find a lot on the WWW, but here is a quick link to the basic description of the VII.

When I first saw the MkVII I was taken away by the design and really loved the look of this bird. I found it better then the original Viper MkI from the 1978 show. So I started looking for a nice modelkit and found two of them a few years ago in 1/72nd scale. Mastered by Sci High models I quickly ordered two for an online build contest. They gave me second place (after a wonderfully scratched Dreadnought battleship).

Some time later I found a blog called snakeship which was creating a version on 1/24th scale…I wanted one of those …. and finally I have one.

The compagny

I got the kit from Frank Cerney, I would be lying if I knew the guy. All the info I have was his blog and a link to his website and very detailed pictures from modelermagic. After some consideration and talking to the wife (it’s quit expensive) I send Frank an e-mail. He responded quickly and had no issues waiting a few days for the payment. A weak and a half later my copy arrived at my door, speaking of service !

If you would consider buying this kit, you won’t be disappointed !

The Kit

The kit itself comes in a sturdy box with a very nice front cover :

Inside the box is a brown enveloppe with a booklet with instructions and the decal sheet by JT Graphics and a lot of pieces

For your reference, one floor tile is about 30 cm in length .

The parts breakdown is well thought out (certainly from a building perspective and also from casting perspective I belief) with the fuselage in 4 pieces : upper and lower rear fuselage, cockpit area and nose.

The casting itself is near perfection with not a single champagne bubble, moderate flash and pouringstubs  on the larger parts. For a resin kit this size I was very pleased with the quality (belief me, I’ve build over a dozen Resin kits and this one is in my top 2 for quality). Detailed shot of the fuselage parts

Dryfitting is not an option without sawing the pour stubs but I held the rear fuselage halfs together and they show no warping or shrinking, so it looks a very clean build. The panellines are clean and crisp (although not obvious in this pic)…I’ll need two hands to hold this girl up once she’s build

The wings are broken down in two parts, the main wing and a winglet to fair over to the fuselage, again here the same crisp panellines, no warpage and no shrinking, looks also a very clean build here !

Then I was surprised by the completely clear cockpit, it’s ready to be lit 🙂 This is going to be fun

This clear part will be trapped between the fuselage and a canaopypart, so all the wires can be hidden out of sight with not to much trouble. As you can see some moderate flash, but again no warping or any other errors.

The there are the other parts, engines, guns some detailparts etc. all the same quality and crisp resin. It looks like this kit is a real “shake and bake” kit even if it’s a full resin kit !

Almost forgot, a funny thing was the pilot figure…it has a complete clear helmet so you can also light it 🙂 and comes with two poses, one flying and one when Apollo takes off his helmet


On Franks blog you can read “If you have been on the boards, you know that FM MODEL CO strives to put out the VERY BEST kit, or we wont PUT IT OUT! ” Holding a copy in my hands I can confirm this whole heartedly. This kit is worth every dollar I spend on it. The parts are crisp, cleanly casted with no errors what so ever. I have the impression this kit will build itself and I hope I can do the kit justice.

But that is for later.


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