For love of the game

When I finished my second year in Social Work I gave myself a pat on the back for a job well done and went out to search for a new model kit. I wanted something else so I started searching for anything that would help me out of a modelling dip. In a model store I found a giant box with a vinyl kit of a robot the likes I’d never seen. It was quit expensive (around 100 €) so I didn’t take it with me. I went further in the street and passed along “Eichpercher”. A shop I hadn’t noticed before. When I looked inside I saw a book which had the same robot on the cover as the one I’ve just seen;

My curiosity won out and I stepped into the store. I asked for more info on the book and what it was all about… After 10 min or so I was back on the street, had a new book that would set me on a journey into another realm.

I discoverd Battletech

Like a little boy I read every page of it. I didn’t quit get the rules of warfare, but I just loved the “fluff” and the entire universe. A few days later (yes I know, I’m quite impulsive) I was back in the same store for more books. To my surprise there where paperback novels, Sourcebooks on the different fractions  expanding the universe even more. It was overwhelming and I was hooked.

I went out to search for someone to play Battletech, but that wasn’t very easy. Most gaming clubs I went to  knew about the game, but it didn’t appeal very much to them, unlike the neighbouring countries like Germany and the Netherlands.  But I got lucky and I found a guy who knew about the game. The first  year we played every weekend and every thursdaynight.

I fell even more in love with the game and finally decided to name the Jade Falcon Clan as my home.

But somewhere along the road, we discovered that it wan’t that easy to find the miniatures. Back then, it wasn’t as easy to order online, heck, we didn’t even had the internet 18 years ago ! And our game weekends slowed down to twice a month and suddenly it was over. I never heard of the guy again, Eichpercher closed shop so I was left with not much options. The other shops I visited still had some Battletech books and stuff but they all told the same story… Fasa shut down Battletech

I worked as a sales rep that time so I spend a lot of time in the car. If I had a change I stopped and looked for gamingstores to buy everything I could find from Battletech.

A few years later I went to FACTS in Ghent. One of the largest SciFi and Anime gatherings in Europe. My wife was with me and at the end of the day she pointed out a game she tought was Battletech, it had a mecha on the box and was called mechwarrior. I bought myself a starter box and got an invitation to another fare in Mechelen the next week. There would be a demo and a possibility to play the game. So a week later I went and discovered that this was basicly Battletech revisited…. well you see me coming…. hook, line and sinker….I was off again.

On this Wiki page you can read more about the game and the different spin offs :

This site has everything to get started, even a free intro to the universe (40 or so pages) and the qick start rules :

Oh yeah, and the model kit it all started this crazy journey, it was a vinyl kit of the Mad Cat and ofcourse I got it.


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