Kit Alert : new kits

It’s been a while, but the ‘ Battlemech club’ came through again. Two new aditions to their line :  a 1/60th Hunchback II and a Panther. Chris from Ravenstar was kind enough to send me some pics of the new creations. Please enjoy these pics as these are the only game in town when it comes to large scale Battletech figures :

Hunchback IIC :

This even has a cockpit molded into the head. After building, you can leave the hatch open so you can look inside, nice touch :

The kit’s break down :

The Panther :

This is what you could call the 2.0 version. Redesigned to be completely posable and with two weapons options it’s a very nice kit (for an Inner Sphere design 🙂 )

Parts breakdown of the Panther :

Both kits compared to each other, Heavy Metal mayhem :

If you’re intersted in one of those kits, just contact Chris on

Be sure to check out Chris’s blog for other model kits : and the main site of the Battlemech club : I know, I know, shameless plug, but these guys are the only ones making these kits, so a little help won’t hurt them 🙂

Stay tuned for a new kit I bought : a 1/60th scale Thor, also from Ravenstar


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