Hellbringer : Part II

Another thing I wanted to do was to add mobility to the mech. This was not very difficult. Just some reshaping of the knee-joint. But of course, then came the challenge. The foot wasn’t prepared to be positioned any other way. So some creativity was used to get a fix for that.  I used some kids toys, I’m not sure how they are called in english, but basically they are large colored knobs that can be pinned in a cradle for form all kind of figures :

Only thing left to do was to hollow out the lower legto make room for the head and one leg was ready :

After that, the legs where tested with the torso :

Ofcourse, now I had a hole between the lower leg and the top of the foot. Again I turned to my kids toys, but this time I used Lego Technics to make some kind of ankle joint :

Once these where all done, it was time to add the last pieces and prepare the kit for the paint, some more impression shots :

Next up, painting time 🙂 Hope you guys like.


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