Model kits waiting to be build….sometime

Well I guess it’s true, every modelbuilder has to live for more then a 100 years to build all there kits. I’ll try to document as much of my unbuild stash as much as possible.

I’ll kick this one off with the Sci Fi models that are laying around. If possible I’ll give a link to the builder/website if possible.

Sci Fi kits

1/60th Adder – all resin garage kit from “The battlemech club

This kit is a nice rendition of a classic Battletech piece, one I’ll hope to build shortly. “Codenamed Puma by Inner Sphere forces that first engaged it, the Adder is a light Clan OmniMech that serves in a direct or an indirect fire-support role in most of its configurations. The Adder is capable of carrying a relatively heavy weapons payload that can surprise an unsuspecting enemy, even at extreme ranges” from

1/24th Advanced Cylon Raider – all resin garage kit from “Bad azz

Right from Battlestar Galactica 2004 comes the sleek and deadly Advanced Cylon Raider. This particular model of the Cylon Rraider is from Season 4 and is a very, very nice casting. It’ll be started right after I finish the TOS Cylon Raider.

1/48th Gartan – from the Revell Robotech Defenders line

Revell had a complete line of robotkits in the eighties. They where basically reboxing kits from Japanese companies like Takara who made kits from anime series like Dougram an Macross.  The same design where also used for the first edition of “Battletech, a game of armored combat”.

I was lucky enough to get this one  at E(vil)-Bay and will be build it some day in a Battletech disguise.

1/72th Ziyon – from the Revell Robotech Defenders line

Same story as above.

1/72th Orbot – from the Revell Robotech Defenders line

this is a very nice transformable kit from Revell. Bought it from a friend at

It’s basically a model of the VF-1 from the Macross saga. I’m playing with the idea to build into a LAM (Land Air Mech) from Battletech 3025

1/72 Gnerl Fighter Pod all resin garage kit

The Gnerl Fighter pod (link) is a very nice garagekit from a Canadian modeller/garage kit manufacturer. it’s a very clean cast with tremendous details. This one will be build (and lighted) canon to the Macross Saga.

1/72 Zentradi Officers Battlepod all resin garage kit

The Glaug (link) is from the same Canadian as the Gnerl. I’m still debating if I will build mine as a canon Macross Glaug or I will finish it as a Battletech Marauder. Although listed as a 1/72nd scale model, if I build it as a Marauder it comes closer to 1/35th scale !!! The diorama possibilities are tremendous, and of course, including lights, full myomers exposed etc. etc.

1/48 Legioss injection kit from Imai

Another one I scored on E-bay. A transformable kit from  the anime Genesis Climber Mospeada the Legioss was the transformable mecha built by the Earth colonies to combat the alien Inbit. I’ve got the green Legioss waiting to be build in battloid mode.

1/72 Robotech Defenders Recovery Unit

From the Revell Robotech Defenders line there was a non combat vehicle, the Recovery Unit. I had a hard time tracking this one down and finally found on in Ebay for less then 10€ !! Only downside, it was partially build a long time ago and was missing 1 wheel. I bought and it was completely disassembled an cleand up in a few hours. This one will be part of a diorama one day

1/72 HWR MkII Monster

A full Resin Garage kit that I have lying around for a few years now. I started it but had a lot of trouble with it. The cast had a lot of bubbles, warpage, lacks detail. However the subject is so impressing that one day I’ll finish this beast. To be honest, I haven’t got the room to set this thing. Here you can find some pics ot this thing. Here you can find a start of my build process (Dutch)

1/144 Macross Destroid serie

What can I say about this one ? I found this on the internet one day and it has the 4 main mecha from the Macross anime. I never got around to start this little project up

1/35 Votoms ATM09 Red Shoulder from Takara

This is just a start, I’ll need to check my stash for the other kits, so I’ll update this one later


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  1. You’re welcome, glad I could be of help

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